This is my Portfolio, my name is Lee Gilbert and I’m currently a 3rd year Applied Psychology Student in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire, South County Dublin. Some of the subjects that I take part in due to my course are Neuropsychology, Research Methods and Statistics and Cyberpsychology. In previous years I have had lectures on Abnormal Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, some of my work from these years can be found on other pages on this wordpress site.

I have been volunteering for the past two years in the SWICN Computer Clubhouse in Dublin 8 on Tuesday or Monday evenings. The clubhouse is for children to attend after school to use computers and to get help with mentors to improve on their I.T. skills, often with the children I help them to make small adobe flash applications or I help them use Illustrator or Photoshop to adjust images for presentations that the children might have for school. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, football, running and going to the cinema.

Some of my strengths and skills that I can bring to an organisation are that I am focused, punctual and hard-working. I work well alone and I also in groups, having studied social psychology and group dynamics I am informed as to how groups work together and the various roles in a group, I know how to get work done and I know how to keep the peace in groups also. I have worked on informational posters with colleagues, articles and research topics, a flash application detailing the workings of the brain and how it functions as a whole and a psychological poster explaining how the mnemonic techniques can aid memory recollection after organising a psychological experiment.



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  1. This looks awesome lee good job! 🙂

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